Andrew (1)


Business Consultant

Andy has 15 years’ experience of design, build and installation in the portable building industry. During this time, he was responsible for both long and short-term hire contracts along with larger semi-permanent installations in many areas such as hospitals, prisons, schools, and major industrial and military sites.

Andy has always had a very keen interest in IT and software design, and in 2005 became a founding Director of CEMAR as well as original developer of the cloud-based CEMAR system. Since then Andy has seen the development team grow and help make CEMAR the market-leading system of today.

In 2016, Andy made the decision to retire from CEMAR and pursue other interests and hobbies, safe in the knowledge that the CEMAR system is in excellent hands. He is still delighted, however, to be associated with the CEMAR team in his part-time consultancy role.