Ben Walker | 05 Dec 2014

FIDIC capability - CEMAR…

We are pleased to announce the launch of CEMAR’s new capability for administering FIDIC contracts.  Director Ben Walker explains…

“We have been quietly working on FIDIC capability within CEMAR  for almost a year.  It will open up CEMAR’s adoption to a wider audience here in the UK and overseas.  Often employers want to administer projects under a combination of NEC3 and FIDIC contracts.  This is now possible under the same CEMAR solution.”

“We’re really pleased with the result and have built plenty of options and variables into the application to afford flexibility in its configuration.”

The FIDIC capability of CEMAR has been built under the same fully tailored workflow approach employed for NEC3.  This ensures high levels of compliance, audit and consistency whilst providing the means for integration with CEMAR’s extensive governance and global reporting capabilities – as standard.

Lead CEMAR developer Rodger Oates explains how some of the key reporting has been made possible…

“As well as ‘claims’, ‘variations’ and ‘value engineering proposals’ each having their own fully tailored workflows, we’ve coined an extra register named ‘change control’.  This has no contractual relevance but crucially facilitates the aggregation of FIDIC change with ‘compensation events’ from NEC3.  This is one example of how cross contract form reporting is made possible.”

CEMAR is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by FIDIC.  Further information about FIDIC contracts can be found by clicking

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