Claire Bryant | 22 Mar 2018

CEMAR and ITER look to the future of clean energy

ITER have selected CEMAR to help administer their FIDIC contracts in the construction of the world’s largest Tokamak nuclear fusion reactor.

Based in Southern France, ITER are building a 23,000-tonne machine which will contain heat of up to 150 million degrees centigrade in an experiment to prove the feasibility of nuclear fusion as a large-scale, carbon-free energy source. The 15-year construction involves collaboration from 35 nations, including the consortium Momentum, comprised of Wood PLC, Assytem and KEPCO E&C, and the ITER Domestic Agencies: China, Europe, Japan, Korea, Russia and the USA.

CEMAR’s FIDIC contract was first created in conjunction with Hinkley Point C in 2014 and has since been adopted by other clients. We are incredibly proud CEMAR has been selected to administer one of the most scientifically significant projects in the world which will have a profound impact on the way clean energy is produced around the globe.


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