Accessible anywhere, anytime, from any device, 24/7/365, no installation and rapid deployment.


Provided as Software as a Service on a secure hybrid cloud over three geographically separate UK data centres (Primary, Disaster Recover and Backup), CEMAR is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, requires no installation and is fully redundant with hourly data backups.

Infrastructure design affords enhanced agility, performance, expansion, resilience and rapid deployment of projects. 

Developed under ISO9001 with infrastructure provided and managed under ISO14001, 20000 and 27001 certification. Find out more.

Built by experts

Developed by construction industry practitioners, acknowledged contributor to NEC4.


CEMAR was founded in 2005 upon a first-hand need for a solution to the administrative demands of a large construction contract. Our CEO and founder, Ben Walker, is an NEC author, consultant, tutor and ICE examiner. CEMAR is acknowledged by name in all NEC4 contracts.

We believe the best tools are developed and maintained with contemporary practical knowledge.

Action reminders

Reminders, countdowns and email alerts keep teams aware of outstanding actions.


Dashboard action trackers identify party actions with 'days to go' countdowns and a RAG status. CEMAR Analytics provides an aggregated reminders page filtered to show specific contracts, frameworks, sites or categories. The critical events report provides for exception reporting and further filtering for events that are overdue a response.


Teams can also delegate and assign actions to specific members of their team. These culminate in a useful team or individual action planner without the Party level accountability being missed or managed in “silos”.


Contractual compliance made easy through intuitive, permission-driven workflows.


Specifically tailored for use with NEC® ECC, ECS, ECSC, TSC, TSSC, PSC, as well as FIDIC and other forms. PDF communication hard-copies are produced for every communication providing a clear statement as to clause numbering and actions under the contract.

CEMAR drives compliance by use of correct defined and identified terms, verbs, timings and prompts appropriate reasons for decisions and responses. CEMAR fully complies with the general rules for communications including the requirement for keeping notifications separate.

Audit and archive

Extensive events log, communications archive and governance audit trail.


Common registers and unique numbering systems with time and date stamped actions and User history logs. Automatically archives correspondence, significantly reducing data entry whilst maintaining a documented audit log.

All communications and attachments are bulk exportable by authorised Users into a structured archive which reflects contract procedures and identified roles.


Real-time reporting

Contract, framework, programme and portfolio real-time reports, charts and dashboards.


Contract-specific and aggregated portfolio-level reports and charts from real-time data. A broad range of detailed reports, charts, widgets and dashboards across various price, time, quality and performance metrics.

Powerful interactive analytics including rich visualisations and executive dashboards transform data reporting into behavioural management.

Exporting to Excel, CSV, PDF and other formats is simple and convenient. Data warehouse and web-service options provide for export, integration and reconciliation with other software applications enhancing business intelligence.

Secure data

Hybrid cloud SaaS hosted in UK-based Tier III data centre, hourly back-ups and encrypted data transfers.


Two-Factor Authentication provides additional access security control and Secure Socket Layer connection from your browser to our servers ensures all data transmitted is encrypted utilising the same technologies as banking and e-commerce sites.

Backups are encrypted and sent to a geographically separate UK data centre with a one hour point-in-time recovery over a one month retention and an end of month point-in-time recovery over twelve years’ retention. All data remains within the UK.


Intuitive workflow, simple set-up wizards, training videos and 'how to' guides.


The clean interface makes navigating menus fast and intuitive. CEMAR is sensitive to individual user accounts in terms of party identity and privacy; forms and procedures present workflow accordingly.


These tailored workflows simplify contract procedures and mitigate the chance of errors. Intelligent validation and logical stage-gates lead users compliantly though the processes.



Shared live registers, reports and action reminders promote mutual trust and co-operation.


"CEMAR is the foundation for mutual trust and cooperation."

Collaboratively manage; NEC early warnings, project manager instructions, compensation events, proposed instructions, pricing schedules, task ordering, programme, tests and inspections, design, forecast to Completion, proposals, Defects, technical queries and for other contract forms; requests for information, claims, variations and much more.



Don't rely on document management tools, make your team efficient with a dedicated contract management solution.


Intuitive wizards facilitate rapid configuration of Contract Data and portfolio structure. Comprehensive user and process-orientated governance provides total flexibility with delegated authorities, approvals and financial thresholds.




Unparalleled compliance through embedded contract knowledge, party-specific intelligent workflows and validation.


Tailored gateways and validation ensures teams stay compliant and aware of responsibilities, significantly mitigating commercial risk. Extensively configurable to map to corporate governance including fully definable permissions, internal approvals, financial thresholds and popular z-clauses.


Business analytics and trending across a broad range of Price, cost, risk, quality, time and behavioural metrics.


A broad range of contract-specific and aggregated portfolio level reports and charts from real-time data. CEMAR Analytics is flexible to user-defined favourite dashboards that provide powerful business intelligence critical to managing behaviours and identifying trends. Export or integrate data to reconcile with other software applications.



Superuser model with extensive help and support provides for a self-service solution.


Comprehensive help articles, narrated video tutorials, access to practice environments and an in-house support ticketing service means you are never far from expert help. CPD-certified training online or face-to-face at a location of your choice.



Embedded knowledge developed by industry practitioners led by our CEO and NEC author, Ben Walker.


CEMAR was founded in 2005 upon a first-hand need for a solution to the administrative demands of a large construction contract. Our CEO and founder, Ben Walker, is an NEC author, consultant, tutor and ICE examiner. CEMAR is acknowledged by name in all NEC4 contracts.



Securely-stored contractual data, regularly backed-up with flexible and comprehensive access controls.


CEMAR infrastructure is protected by Sophos Endpoint Security and Control. We utilise infrastructure accredited to UKAS / APMG / CESG systems adhering to Security Classification Definitions as described in the Government Security Classifications Policy (GSCP). CEMAR is CE+ (Cyber Essentials Plus) certified and only BPSS vetted and authorised personnel have access to client data.

Primary infrastructure is hosted in a Tier lll data centre and comprises a resilient pair of Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances with FirePower, uncontended bandwidth, Enterprise DDoS protection delivered through Cloudflare, Web Application Firewall and Content Delivery Network. SSL as standard and optional Two-Factor Authentication.


Replicate delegated authorities and business roles with permissions, approvals and governance configuration.


CEMAR provides unparalleled levels of governance control through permission and approval structures based on parties and roles. It avoids administrative bottlenecks whilst facilitating the parties' internal business processes.



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