Collaboratively manage early warnings, compensation events, Risk Register, Activity Schedule, Task Orders, programme submission and acceptance, tests and inspections, design submission and acceptance, forecasts, proposals, technical queries, RFIs, claims, variations, Defects and much more.

Single truth with shared registers and automated numbering of events.  Red, amber, green dashboard action trackers with ‘days to go’ countdowns, hardcopy PDF communications and party privacy through drafting.


Extensive Reporting

Contract specific and aggregated portfolio level reports and charts from real-time data.   A broad range of detailed reports, charts, widgets and dashboards across various price, time, quality and performance metrics.

Powerful interactive analytics including rich visualisations and executive dashboards – transform data reporting into behavioural management.

Exporting to Excel, CSV, PDF and other formats is simple and convenient.  Data warehouse and web-service options provide for export, integration and reconciliation with other software applications enhancing business intelligence.



Specifically tailored for use with NEC® ECC, ECS, ECSC, TSC, TSSC, PSC, as well as FIDIC and other forms.  PDF communication hard copies produced for every communication that provide clear statement as to clause numbering and actions under the contract, list reasons for rejection and capture details of decisions made.

Tailored gateways and validation ensures teams stay compliant and aware of responsibilities.  Extensively configurable to map to corporate governance including fully definable permissions, internal approvals, financial thresholds and popular z-clauses.



On-screen reminders, countdowns and email alerts keep teams aware of outstanding actions. 

Instant tracking of changes to the Prices, Activity Schedule, Completion Date, Sectional Completion, Key Dates, extensions to reply periods etc.

Assigns each communication with a process number and enters into the corresponding register. Maintains real-time audit trail by stamping each communication with a unique serial number and logging this in a document log, together with author, party, time and date.



The clean interface makes navigating menus and finding what you want fast and intuitive.  CEMAR is sensitive to individual user accounts in terms of party identity & privacy and presents workflow accordingly.

These tailored workflows simplify contract procedures and mitigate the chance of getting things wrong.  Intelligent validation and logical stage-gates lead users compliantly though the processes.


Share Documents

Associate events and matters to each other, upload files, attach photos, drawings, PDFs or anything else you like to specific events. All are uploaded to our secure web server for instant access by other authorised users. No storage limits.


Quality Support

Comprehensive help articles, narrated video tutorials, access to practice environments and an in-house support ticketing service means you are never far from expert help.

We can host certified CPD training online, at our on-site training facility or at a place of your choice.  Bespoke mobilisation and training available to implement CEMAR alongside existing corporate governance and other considerations to ensure effective integration.



Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection from your browser to our servers means all data transmitted is encrypted, utilising the same technologies as banking and commerce.

All data remains within the UK. Backups are encrypted and sent to a geographically separate Tier III graded data centre.


Cloud Based

Provided as Software as a Service (SaaS) on a secure hybrid cloud environment affording enhanced agility, performance, expansion, and rapid deployment of projects, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

No components to be installed, immediately accessible, fully redundant infrastructure with hourly data backups.

Developed under ISO9001 and infrastructure provided and managed under ISO14001, 20000 and 27001 certification.



One size does not fit all, why squeeze everything into a single software solution?

If you've got systems that are familiar and important to you, keep them and implement CEMAR alongside. This market leading contract administration tool is great on its own or as part of a collective solution.