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One size does not fit all – introducing the CEMAR Way!

A strategic revolution in integrated and interchangeable cloud solutions. 

It’s very tempting as a client to be drawn towards a one-stop-shop solution where a single application attempts to combine several functions within one tool – ‘the perfect solution’ – but we feel this is a myth.

Emerging best practice suggests you cherry-pick the very best solutions and bring them together seamlessly in the cloud.  Choose the best contract administration solution, the best project controls package, the best cost capture tool, the best document management system and form a collective solution.

Traditional approach to procuring IT for programme management:

  • Tied to one supplier with limited subject matter expertise and technology restrained by one software environment.
  • Commercial power sits with supplier.
  • Entrenched investment prohibits the pursuit of alternative solutions.
  • Potential negative impact of change often inhibits the adoption of smarter solutions.
  • Reduced resilience as all applications in one software package – lose one, lose everything.
  • You may pay for stuff that you don’t need or use!

The CEMAR way;

  • Select the best and gain the true benefit of specialist support and subject matter experts
    • CEMAR prides itself on being the very best contract management solution available.  As Software as a Service (SaaS) we work alongside other applications that boast the same in their specialist field.
  • Take back the power!
    • Commercial power switches to the client – now the individual applications must perform and prove their value to remain within the collective solution.
  • Safety in numbers
    • If one application is down you won’t lose your whole capability.  Increased resilience across functions.
  • Manage the impact
    • Implementation doesn’t have to be a big bang – align the rollout of applications to the maturity, complexity and knowledge base of your organisation.  Solutions can be rolled out in a staged and progressive way to minimise the operational impact and smooth out the learning curve of new tools.
  • Reporting on another level
    • By utilising common reporting tools, bringing together all your data in the cloud, you can create and manage reporting in a way that exactly meets your needs, provides that single version of the truth and is capable of being evolved and defined to suit every stage of the project life cycle.


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