Robyn Cook | 07 Mar 2019

National Apprenticeship Week - Q&A with a Current Apprentice

National Apprenticeship Week is an annual nation-wide event to celebrate apprentices across the country. You can follow the week’s celebrations on Twitter via the hashtag #NAW2019.

CEMAR will be exhibiting at Gloucestershire College’s Apprenticeship Open Evening, Gloucester campus, on 20th March. We hope to meet some more fantastic potential apprentices there. Registration is open until the event is underway.

Jake has recently joined CEMAR as a Software Developer apprentice; he splits his time between full-time work for practical experience, and a week attending college once a term for the theory.

We sat down with Jake to find out a bit more about how he balances his work/study time, and what he has been up to since starting his apprenticeship in 2018.

Q: You have been working full-time for three years, what made you decide to do an apprenticeship now?
A: I have done two apprenticeships previously in IT Networking and Manufacturing Engineering, I find it’s the best way to develop my skill-set and grow in a profession I want to pursue.

Q: Were there any preconceptions about apprenticeships that you have found out are not true?
A: I went into my apprenticeship with no preconceptions, I know the rumours of having to make endless cups of tea, but this hasn’t been true in my experience! You are just treated as a regular member of staff.

Q: How are you finding the experience of combined working and attending college together?
A: I do some studying during evenings and at the weekend, but I get one day a week in the office where I can concentrate on my studies, as well as my regular week at college.

Q: What do you hope to do once you have completed your apprenticeship?
A: I would like to take up a full-time position as qualified Software Developer and continue furthering my knowledge of the industry, as well as learning some new coding languages!

Q: What would your advice be for people who have established careers and are looking to start an apprenticeship?
A: If you feel like you are in the wrong career or industry then take the leap. Starting an apprenticeship and gaining practical experience really suits me as someone who enjoys learning on-the-job rather than sat in a classroom. Make sure you do your research into the field and what kind of employer you want to work with, they should be supportive of your studies!



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