VolkerFitzpatrick Rail Projects

VolkerFitzpatrick, along with their design partner Atkins, were awarded the Network Rail southern multi-functional framework – Anglia route (MFF) in 2014. The collaboration to deliver these works is known as the Anglia Route Collaboration (ARC). The team are utilising CEMAR to support delivery of a significant number of rail infrastructure improvements and enhancements during the framework. ARC will deliver platform extensions, station enhancements, new footbridges and upgrades to bridges and embankments along the Anglia route.

ARC is underpinned by the principles of BS11000 for collaborative business relationships. Adopting and implementing BS11000 supports and complements the NEC framework contract ARC is operating under, providing a meaningful way to measure and continuously improve performance over the duration of the framework.  VolkerFitzpatrick are administering their PSC and ECS contracts using CEMAR, and so far early contractor involvement is realising significant benefits for the MFF Anglia Route. £10m of potential efficiencies have already been identified through the implementation of robust design, planning and constructability reviews early in project life cycles.

Network Rail has also selected VolkerFitpatrick to deliver a £94m contract to upgrade the West Anglia Main Line.  The upgrade will improve connectivity to the planned £3.5bn Meridian Water Housing scheme in Edmonton, which is set to deliver 8,000 homes as one of 20 proposed London housing zones.

In excess of 11,000 communications have been adminstered by the team using CEMAR and we're delighted to continue to support VolkerFitzpatrick's growing rail portfolio.

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